“Help,” shrieks Leia as she and Han dangle on a thin
rubber cable from the side of the rectangular modified
hovership Kle-Nox, perched precariously atop the cliffs of
Nightstandia as it sways drunkenly above the blue
expanse of the vast Shagr-ug desert. Beneath them, the
monstrous black chasm known only by the name
Reeboka the Sha-oo flails its short blue tongue
anxiously as it waits for his next meal.

“I’m coming,” answers a desperate Luke as he attempts
to cut a swath with his red lightsaber through the
encroaching enemies composed of three Stormtroopers,
two Imperial Guards, a left-slouching droid, and a one-
eyed Jawa.

The badly damaged Kle-Nox pitches steeply to one side
and back again as Luke reaches Han. Pulling him from
the abyss, Luke holds Han close, then peers cautiously
over the side at Leia as Han promptly inspects the

“Two of the power cells are damaged! We don’t have
enough fuel to stay afloat much longer!”
“Can we move the ship?”

“No! The engines are operating at maximum just to keep
us afloat,” barks Han. “We’re too heavy,” he adds just as
the third coppertop power cell fails and the ship begins
to lose altitude.

“What can we do?”

“We’ve got to jettison some weight! Get rid of everything
you can!”

As they hurriedly fling large pill bottle-shaped cargo
containers from the aft section of the Kle-Nox, Han
peeks over the side, kneels, and cuts a cluster of string-
like cables. The hovership tips briefly the opposite way
before stabilizing.

Turning to Luke, Han comments tenderly, “It looks like
she fell.”

Luke pauses to glance into the abyss as Han caresses
his friend’s plastic-sculpted back in comfort just before
the two embrace tightly upon the deck of the ship…