uthor Christopher Master invites you to experience
Tiny Cracker Zoo, an amusing anthology of eight
shamelessly true stories that peels back the flannel veil
to show the true face of Pennsyltucky life. Through vivid accounts
of desperation resulting from excretory mutiny to the unmistakable
sexual longings of Star Wars figures,
Tiny Cracker Zoo beckons
readers to revel in the savory agony of Master’s existence amidst
fanatics of fast cars, wild game, and a grouchy God. Such a
profusion of personal information is seldom heard outside of a
psychiatrist’s office.

John F. Harnish, author of
Enjoy Often!!!, says of Master’s writing,
There’s a refreshing intimacy in Christopher’s unguarded
approach. A friend had read several parts aloud and was laughing
so hard she literally couldn’t speak the words! Having finished the
book, I now fully understand what fueled her hysterics. There’s
even a tasty recipe to sweeten the deal. A brilliant debut by an
author who has equal parts wit, cynicism, and sensitivity